2016 Annual Swarovski Ornament

True lovers of Swarovski crystal have been waiting with patience and anticipation for the release of the 2016 Swarovski annual ornament. This year’s Swarovski annual ornament sparkles and shines as a delicate snowflake. It’s fine angles and clear crystal brilliance reflect light and create a rainbow reflection as beautiful as the northern lights in your home.

swarovski annual ornament

The beautiful Swarovski Annual Edition Christmas Ornament is now available in our store. Order now to have in time for Christmas decorating or gifting.

This fine piece of crystal captures the essence of winter and all its delights. This stunning new snowflake design is made with the best cut clear crystal in the world. The 2016 Swarovski annual ornament hangs effortlessly on a luxurious white satin ribbon. The distinctive metal tag features the year of issue and proves authenticity. It proudly carries on a Swarovski annual ornament tradition which began in 1991. Ornament designs alternate each year between a star and a snowflake. Each year boasts a unique design which makes Swarovski annual ornaments highly coveted and collectible. Because the designs alternate, they work well together, year over year, to create a Swarovski Christmas theme that stands the test of time.

Great as a Gift or Stocking Stuffer

You can add the 2016 Swarovski annual ornament to your collection. Or, capture the spirit of Christmas and give family and friends a beautiful gift they will always remember. Include the ornament as a stocking stuffer, an add-on to a larger gift, or as a meaningful stand-alone present. It is sure to be appreciated by all who receive it.

Perfect Addition to Your Tree

The 2016 Swarovski annual ornament is eye-catching and brilliant on any Christmas tree. Hang several to create a fantastic, sparkling, effect. This timeless piece creates a sophisticated feel and adds an impressive element to any holiday gathering. Your guests will love viewing your tree, decked with 2016 Swarovski annual ornaments. The lights on the tree dance and play with the crystal cuts and create beautiful rainbows behind your tree. It’s a Christmas miracle by itself.

Purchase the 2016 Swarovski annual ornament, online or in-store, at Sierra Crystal and Jewelry.

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