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Swarovski Stationary

Swarovski stationary pens make elegant, colorful gifts for your loved ones and are also a deserved gift for yourself. Writing will never feel the same, even if you’re only writing the grocery list.

These crystal-filled stationary pens range from those with a feminine purple pen base and sparkling purple amethyst crystals inside to a professional-looking black pen base complemented by shining white anthracite crystals. One of our favored Crystalline Lady Ballpoint Pens features a red heart pendant dangling from the pen top, while the sky-blue colors of the Aquamarine pen will keep the user dazzled.

Reflecting light as the holder writes, these sophisticated ballpoint pens come in a soft, velvet carrying pouch with a premium pen refill inside that is easily replaceable. Browse our selection of affordable Swarovski stationary pens and find the perfect color for yourself or for your loved one.