If there is one word that describes Lizzy James jewelry, it’s fun! Whether you have a Valentine to drop present hints to, or you are being your own sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, Lizzy James delivers what you want. This jewelry brand is one of your favorites because it’s affordable, versatile, and stylish.

Lizzy James Bracelet

Flexible, Easy on the Wallet, and Oh So Stylish

Lizzy James jewelry makes a statement without crushing your wallet. Bracelets start under $65. The multi-layer corded look makes a substantial statement for the price. Choose between stainless steel or sterling silver and two, three, four, or even five leather strands. Whether you prefer a more classic look or a colorful pop, Lizzy James can deliver the style. Lizzy James jewelry one of the most versatile brands we carry. This jewelry is ready to wear whether you are going to the office, spending a night on the town, or are meeting someone for coffee. Beyond that, it’s stylish too!

Here’s a style tip from us to you: The Lizzy James Stack

Why get one Lizzy James piece when you can get two and stack them? Lizzy James jewelry wraps around your wrist or doubles as a necklace. Get a matching pair for a double duo. Or, stack complimentary colors for a fun bohemian look. The sky is the limit when you wear Lizzy James. Trying to save money? The jewelry retails more online, so stop in the store for a good selection, price, and try on some pieces before buying!


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