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Swarovski Collectible Crystal Figurines

Swarovski’s collectible figures started off with just one mouse and have expanded to include most every animal you can imagine in nature. Even cartoon characters like Disney characters and Hello Kitty are made by Swarovski with extra-special attention to detail. For example, Swarovski crystal figurines include ornate details that enhance each figurine, like Jet crystal facial features, silver-tone metal additions, colored coatings like the rainbow effect of the Aurora Boreale, and alternate crystal colors like Light Rose.

Unique characters emerge from the Swarovski line of collectible figures, from Lovlots Circus characters like Leo the lion to the Soulmates collection, plus lifelike reflections of Mother Nature. Specific figurines for the animal lover in your life can have great meaning, such as the wise owl, an array of ducks, a Scottie dog, and even a bull for the bullish investor in your life.

Romantic gifts abound within these figurine selections too. Bears presenting hearts and balloons will surely bring a smile to your significant other, while love birds aloft a branch symbolize your eternal partnership. Even baby showers, weddings, and engagement parties would be delighted by gifts such as a miniature stroller (pram), a sparkling heart, or a Juliette flower with a heart-shaped pistil.

Don’t miss the intricate side of Swarovski collectible figurines either—like the detailed and vibrant fish that look as if they’re really swimming, or the elaborate colorings of the many wild birds or even mandarin ducks. A blossoming rose or forget-me nots are just a few of the romantic and cheery flowers available from Swarovski, in addition to exotic animal figures like the Jaguar and the Zebra. No matter which Swarovski figurine fits you or your loved one best, they are sure to bring delight, intrigue, and smiles wherever they are found.