The Lizzy James collection makes more of a statement than you would think. The entire jewelry line was born out of a passion to celebrate the strength and resilience in all of us. How Did the Lizzy James Collection Begin?  Lizzy adopted the vision for her business during breast cancer treatment back in 2011. During this time,… Read More

If there is one word that describes Lizzy James jewelry, it’s fun! Whether you have a Valentine to drop present hints to, or you are being your own sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, Lizzy James delivers what you want. This jewelry brand is one of your favorites because it’s affordable, versatile, and stylish. Flexible, Easy on… Read More

In our family, we have a Christmas ornament tradition. Each year, the family gets together and exchanges beautifully crafted Swarovski Christmas ornaments. The little ones love how they sparkle and reflect light from a hundred different angles. The women in our family have been collecting for years and delight in seeing what Swarovski ornament will… Read More

2016 Annual Swarovski Ornament True lovers of Swarovski crystal have been waiting with patience and anticipation for the release of the 2016 Swarovski annual ornament. This year’s Swarovski annual ornament sparkles and shines as a delicate snowflake. It’s fine angles and clear crystal brilliance reflect light and create a rainbow reflection as beautiful as the… Read More

Find Your Favorite Retired Swarovski Figurines Retired Swarovski figurines can be hard to find. Collectors who are serious about Swarovski crystal purchase them quickly and they don’t see the open market again unless the collection is sold. This can make a search for a retired piece difficult. People search for months, sometimes years, to find the… Read More